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Who is Miss Bubbles? 

Miss Bubbles is a Bubbleologist, Children's Entertainer, and Performer based in the sunny Gold Coast, Australia. With a remarkable 12-year journey of bringing delight to children and families, Miss Bubbles is no stranger to the world of entertainment.

Her journey began with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts in Visual Arts, embarking on a path that started with face painting as a part-time gig during her university days. But like the best adventures, one thing led to another. From Facepainting, to balloon twisting and on to becoming beloved characters, delving into science and hosting cooking parties, she even dabbled in sports, messy and pamper events. 

With a wealth of experience across various event types, she managed a prominent children's entertainment company, eventually leading her to her most cherished passion — Bubbles. For the past five years, Miss Bubbles has been captivating audiences with her bubble expertise, dishing out thousands of liters of bubble magic at around 300 events annually.

Her expertise lies in crafting mesmerizing bubble stage shows, captivating roving giant bubble entertainment, and adding her unique charm to countless birthday parties. She's even explored the world of cabaret and, just for fun, shares her creative talents by teaching art classes at a private art school.

When Miss Bubbles isn't orchestrating bubble wonder, you'll find her pursuing her adventurous side. She's an avid bikepacker, having cycled solo across nine countries on separate trips. You might also spot her gracefully hanging upside down on aerial silks, paddling down a river, or enjoying the coasts beaches and national parks. 

Miss Bubbles is a true believer in the power of play and creating moments of joy and happiness. She leaves a trail of rainbows and sparkle wherever she goes, and she can't wait to play a role in crafting unforgettable memories for all of life's big moments.

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