Outdoor Bubble Parties

Our super fun and creative outdoor bubble parties are sure to impress parents and party guests alike - they are just adore-a-bubble! Outdoor parties are high energy, and will only have a short sit down component. These are great for parks, but there is no space limitations as long as it is an outdoors grassed area.

Each hour long bubble party starts with giant rainbow parachute games. Miss Bubbles then performs a highly interactive and amusing bubble show where children go to the bubble salon, explore Miss Bubbles travelling suitcase  and witness all sorts of impossible looking bubbles and the biggest bubbles you've ever seen. We then move on to a bubble popping bonanza, with bubbles everywhere! 

We end the party with the best of all, bubble blowing of course! Children get a chance in the last 15 minutes to use the provided giant bubble wands to make their own massive bubbles!

If an indoor wind/draft free space is provided we can also do the famous 'kid-in-a-bubble' trick. 

Our outdoor bubble parties are $300 for the 1 hour. Each party has the option to add on extra entertainment. We offer face painting, balloon twisting and party games at $60 for an extra hour or $40 for half hour. Just ask! 

All performers hold relevant working with children checks and public liability insurance.