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Bubble Slime Science 

Experience Bubble Slime Science, hosted by Miss Bubbles' alter-ego, Professor Peanutbutter! Join us for an engaging one-hour session for up to 30 kids, where young scientists don lab coats and explore the world of green bubble slime. This isn't your typical slime adventure – it transforms from stretchy, bouncy goo into a magical giant bubble mixture. This activity is ideal for kids ages 5 and up. 

Best enjoyed outdoors, we also create giant bubbles with big wands using our slime bubble mixture. As the session wraps up, each participant takes home half of their slime.

Starting at $300, this hour-long scientific exploration promises a mix of fun and learning. Bubble slime science is popular for schools and birthday parties. For a tailored quote and to book this hands-on experience, get in touch. Let the bubble-filled scientific adventure commence!

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