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Frequently Asked Questions 

Your bubble mixture is awesome, what's in it? 


Much like a magician never reveals their secrets, the bubble concoction remains a closely guarded mystery! Rest assured though, it's crafted to be non-toxic and completely safe for children to enjoy.

For those who wish to try their hand at creating their own gigantic bubbles at home, you can try out the below link to a tried and tested bubble mixture. Have fun creating your own bubble magic!

I have a booking with you, what do I need to provide? 


For outdoor events, as much open space as possible on grass or non slip flooring is essential. For indoor events, non slip flooring and a wind/draft free space is essential. You do not need to provide a gazebo or seating or picnic rugs for outdoor events. 


What about rain or bad weather? 


Miss Bubbles loves a good wet weather contingency plan - but if all else fails - there is a 48 hour cancellation policy before the event, with a $50 deposit forfeited if cancelling after those 48 hours. Each case is different and often rescheduling is the best option. 


Do you take bookings interstate and internationally? 

Absolutely yes! Miss Bubbles is happy to come to you based around availability. Please enquire for an accurate travel/entertainment quote. 


What costume themes do you do? 

Miss Bubbles wears rainbows and bright and colourful clothing to birthday parties and events. For roving entertainment she has a range of options which can be tailored to suit the event - some of her favourites are: sunflowers and yellow, pastels and sparkle, candy and rainbows, raincoat and yellow, circus and rainbow and christmas elf. 


When’s your next free community event? 

To stay up to date on where Miss Bubbles will be next for more free bubble fun, you can like the Bubble'licious Creations page on Facebook. She posts a large list prior to every school holidays and keeps bubble fans updated on her upcoming events on there. 


What areas do you cover without a travel fee? 

Miss Bubbles is based in the Gold Coast and charges a reasonable and affordable travel fee for outside of the Gold Coast. Most of her bookings are in Brisbane, North Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Northern NSW. 


Okay, but what about adults? Do you do bubble entertainment for adults? 

Yes! Bubbles are often wasted on children, who pop before admiring! Miss Bubbles is experienced in bubble cabaret stage shows and can also provide roving bubble entertainment for adult events, catering the entertainment and costuming to the event. For more information, please email an enquiry. 

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